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We are DRIVEN to be the best versions of ourselves.  SETR is a lifestyle brand that speaks to the drive of those willing to SET the bar to a level they are willing to achieve.  We are here to SET the Standard.

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We are all going through an inner journey to be better than yesterday -

to SET us apart for tomorrow...


Winter Collection

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are your goals.  Each season brings about new challenges and opportunities to grow and succeed. Winter is ready to conquer it.

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Bare Selection

For those who know our quality, you can't deny the amazing fit and comfort. Now have the option to buy our Bare tees, removing all logos and designs while preserving the sweat wicking technology and fitted shape for the times you need a great undershirt or want to feel amazing and look good, bare.

Interested in a custom print job?


All our designs are done internally with our premier production team, and we can get your vision into reality with the highest quality in both apparel and print work!


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