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  • When will my order be shipped?
    Orders placed Monday-Friday before 11AM PST will begin processing that day, excluding holidays, and usually ship within 1 business day pending availability and payment verification. All orders placed after 11AM PST will begin processing the next business day. Orders placed on Friday after 11AM PST will begin processing on the following Monday. While rare, we will contact you if any of the products ordered are not currently in stock.
  • How was our logo derived?
    Our logo is a flexing arm with a wing beneath. The wing portion is derived from the Aetos, Greek for Eagle. The mythical eagle of Zeus, the Aetos Dios (Αετος Διος) represented the Roman STANDARD of military and served as a symbol of victory. Its American counterpart, the Bald Eagle. represents long life, great strength, and above all - FREEDOM. THE LEGEND It is said that the aging eagle will go into seclusion, shed its feathers, talons and beak and regrow them, thus becoming renewed and stronger each time. While maybe only a myth, this imagery serves as motivation for us and our brand, to work hard in solitude for self-growth and rejuvenation. To be better than yesterday and continue to work to be the ultimate version of ourselves - that is what SETR stands for.
  • What does SETR stand for?
    SETR has a 2-part meaning. First, it plays on the word 'TrendSETTER'; but is meant to exemplify the 'setter' part in a philosophy driven by one who chooses to SET to lead by example to the highest standard. Second, it is the initials of the original founders and current owner/operators of the company.
  • How do you pronounce SETR?


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