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Inspired by the need to achieve, SETR was founded to instill the mindset of constant pursuance of the next challenge...afterall, the game of life never involves just one goal.  All who partake in becoming the best versions of themselves will always be pursuing goal after goal, breaking through barriers and forcing new doors open. 

SETR supports a collective of athletes, entrepreneurs, military heroes and the everyday men and women who continue to work hard - and the thing that ties us all together is the obsession to be better.  We exist for the individual who relentlessly chases their next goal, in search of that next win without losing their sense of purpose.



At age 15, Sophia is already a champion in Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai. With over 28 wins in Jiu Jitsu, Sophia has developed her own style of martial arts, taking that style to victory again and again.


In the beginning of her Jiu Jitsu career, she attempted the traditional way of training but soon after wanted something more and decided to SET her own path.  


As a trend-SETR, Sophia, nicknamed the "Honey Badger", already has her own following with students practicing her style of Jiu Jitsu with great success.  In addition, she is a straight-A student, skilled marksman in shooting, a sheriff explorer, and is a leader in her JROTC school program. 

Sophia proves that if you want to be successful and stand apart, you must find your own path to success.




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